Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HAUL #1 Coming SOON!!!!

Hello my lovely beauties!! Just wanted to post that I will be doing haul #1 on Saturday, with subsequent YOUTUBE video. I am going shopping @ Kenwood Towne Center  on Friday, so I will probably do a haul video and blog post by Saturday!! I am so excited to get into the normal pattern of this blog and YOUTUBE videos. I will be doing some shopping at MAC , Sephora , Forever 21, Aeropastale (sp?) Nordstrom , and Macy's. I am so excited so please come back by on Saturday!!!

No, I am not talking about eating sugar... :)

Hey my lovely beauties. Do you LOVE the way your skin feels after a really good exfoliating scrub, but hate the way your wallet feels after purchasing one?? Well, some of you may already know this; but I didn't. I was trying to think of good things to use as a natural exfoliant to save some money and someone mentioned trying sugar. So I gave it a shot while in the shower and I fell in love. It gives you the most amazingly smooth skin without having that harsh abrasive chemical "burn". I absolutely adore the feeling you get. Now I am not saying that you should stop using the deeper exfoliants with chemicals and acids in them. But I think that the less frequent we have to use those the better for our skin. I am using the sugar as an exfoliant on average twice a week depending on how dry my skin is. And you can use it on your face, your knees and elbows where you are prone to get dry ashy areas, the heals of your feet, all the typical areas that get dry and can use exfoliating. The better this method works for you the less you have to use the more abrasive chemical type exfoliating products. I usually just use a small mouthwash cup full of regular granulated sugar.( Now- just like any other skin care product you might want to test this on a small area to see how your skin reacts to it. Or start with areas other than your face. If that works out ok, you can try it on your face.) Then what I do is remove any makeup from my face before I get in the shower; use a mild cleanser and rinse well. Then I get in the shower and let my face run under the warm water for at least a minute. Then being sure not to get the sugar too wet, take a good amount of the sugar on my fingertips and scrub into my face using circular motions. Then scrub some more of the sugar onto your neck. Any sugar left over can be used on other areas of your body you feel are dry. Rinse off immediately after you have scrubbed as much as you feel necessary. You will notice an immediate difference. I know that this is kind of self explanatory but I wanted to go ahead and give you an idea of how I do this just so I didn't have to explain it to separate people. I get a 5 lb bag of sugar at the grocery store for less than $3. Also, you can purchase 2 separate containers of sugar-one for skin care and one for food purposes. I am sorry if this is a little lengthy, once I get used to writing these blogs I am sure I will get a form down where I don't have to explain so much. :0) So, do you guys have any natural skincare tips? Any money saving skin care ideas? Let me know in the comments! Thanks for visiting my blog all of you beauties. Tell your friends about me. I will be doing hauls, reviews on plus size clothing, cosmetics, hair products, swatches, just a little bit of everything fashion and beauty.